Using the 'Group SKU' feature

Group multiple items together for use in Inventory and while ordering

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Applicable to: Buyer Hub

The 'Group SKU' feature allows you to track several items as a single item in Inventory - useful if there are multiple buying options for the item, e.g. when you procure the same item from multiple suppliers.

These Group SKUs will appear in these situations:

Creating Group SKUs

A Group SKU must consist of items already in the Inventory. In addition, they must be using the same Inventory UOM.

As historical inventory data for the items will be lost when they are added to a Group SKU, we recommend exporting data for these items before creating the Group SKU.

  1. Click Inventory and choose an outlet.

  2. Select the Group SKU tab.

  3. Click New Group SKU.

  4. A Create Group SKU dialog will appear. Enter the Group SKU name - this must be a name that has never been used in another Group SKU.

  5. Click Add new to select items to be added to the Group SKU. You can only select items with the same Unit of Measurement (UoM).

    ⚠️ Before adding an item to Group SKU, please ensure you have exported its inventory data as the item's activity history will be deleted once it is added to the group.

  6. Enter the Par level. ‘Par level’ is the quantity you should have in stock in order to fulfil demand.

  7. Finally, in the Receive goods in/deduct sold item from field, choose the inventory list for goods receiving or sales deduction.

    This is the list where the stock of the Group SKU is:

    • Depleted whenever there are sales data from POS, and

    • Increased whenever the item is received using Goods Received Notes (GRN).

  8. Click Save and the Group SKU is successfully created.

    • Instances of the items in the Group that existed in the Inventory list are replaced with the Group SKU.

    • You can see the number of items in the group indicated with the "X items" label below the group name.

    • The Group SKU's Est. value is “0” because this value is reset when the Group is created.

    • On the Inventory page, the Group SKU appears with the “G” icon next to its name.

Adding or removing items from existing Group SKUs

Adding items

You can only add items with the same UOM as the Group SKU. To add items with a different UOM, please create a new Group SKU.

  1. Click Add new. The popup shows a list of Inventory items with the same UOM.

  2. Select the SKU you want to add.

  3. Click Choose, then click Save after the popup is closed.

Deleting items

When you want to remove items from the list, select the checkbox next to the item and a delete button will appear.

Note: At least 1 item must remain in the group for you to be able to save the page.

Deleting Group SKUs

In the Group SKU tab, click Actions and then select Delete.

If you can’t delete...

You can’t delete a Group SKU while it is still used in either POS Mapping and/or Recipe.

A pop up message will tell you to disconnect first while providing a downloadable spreadsheet of affected POS Mapping/Recipe.

If you click Download this list, you'll get an Excel file that looks like this:

Removing Group SKU from recipes

Delete the Group SKU from recipes by following these steps:

  1. On the side navigation, click Recipes, select the outlet, and find the recipes listed in the above Excel file.

  2. Select the recipe.

  3. Click the Trash icon to delete the Group SKU from the recipe and then save the recipe again.

  4. Once you have removed all instances of the Group SKU in recipes, try deleting the Group SKU again.

Removing Group SKU from POS mapping

  1. In the same step as connecting to POS Mapping here, go to the POS item that is connected using that Group SKU item.

  2. Click Unmap.

  3. Group SKU is successfully unmapped. Return to Inventory and try deleting the Group SKU again.

Using Group SKUs when creating orders

Applicable to: iOS, Android only

In the mobile app, you can order Group SKUs from the Items below par and Search flows.

From Items below par

  1. Tap the Order button on the home screen and select Items below par.

  2. If there are Group SKUs on this screen, they will be marked with a "G" icon next to the group name.

  3. By default, we have chosen an item in the group with the lowest price, but you can tap Change selection to change the selected item. There are 2 options:

    1. Option 1: ‘Automatically choose the item with the lowest price’: This is the default option. The system will recommend the item with the lowest unit price in the group. Where there are different UOMs, all unit prices will be normalised to the Inventory UOM to fairly calculate the cheapest unit price in terms of the Inventory UOM.

    2. Option 2: ‘Always use’: You choose one item which will always be the selected SKU & UOM combination whenever this group is ordered.

  4. Press Fill to par to add the order quantity.

From Search

  1. Enter a keyword in the search field on the Order page.

  2. The Group SKU will appear in the search results if the group name matches the keyword.

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