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Managing items in inventory lists

How to add or remove items to the inventory list

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Applicable to: Buyer Hub

Items must be added to Inventory by adding them into inventory lists. You can add an item into more than 1 inventory list.

Adding items to inventory list

  1. Click Inventory in the side navigation bar.

  2. Select an outlet, then click Add SKU.

  3. Select the inventory list you want to add the item into.

  4. We'll show all items that are not in the selected list. This may include some items that are in Inventory already but are not in this list. You can filter the list by supplier or or to only display items that are not in the Inventory at all (ie. not been added to another list).

  5. Select the checkbox next to the items you would want to add to the list, then select the Unit of Measurement (UOM) to be used in Inventory. You may also be asked to provide a conversion rate for the selected UOM if it's not the UOM you are using in your orders.

  6. As you select the items, you may notice that some items have a "In X list" label below the SKU name. These are items that are already in Inventory but added to another inventory list. The "Inventory UOM", its conversion rate and the "Par" value of these items are not editable on this screen.

  7. Once you are done, click the Done button to add the items to the list.

Removing items from an inventory list

To delete items individually:

  1. In Inventory, select an outlet.

  2. In the Lists tab, select a list.

  3. Click the Actions dropdown button next to an item.

  4. Select Delete.

โ€‹To delete multiple items:

  1. In Inventory, select an outlet.

  2. In the Lists tab, select a list.

  3. Select the checkbox next to items that you'd like to delete.

  4. Select Delete.

Note: Items that are not linked to any other lists will be completely removed from inventory in the SKU tab when deleted from a list.

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