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Managing an item's inventory UOM

Setting your preferred unit of measurement (for each item) to be used in the inventory

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Applicable to: Buyer Hub 

Inventory UOM is a feature that allows you to be more versatile in counting your stocks by allowing you to change the item's UOM to another UOM that you use in your stock counts. For example, you may order an item per carton, but prefer to count per piece.


Editing your item’s inventory UOM

You can use the Zeemart Buyer Hub to edit the UOM for your items in your inventory.

  • Note: Editing the item’s UOM will apply the UOM of the item for ALL the inventory list that the item is grouped into under your outlet.

1. Click on Inventory in the side navigation bar.

2. Select an outlet, then click on the "SKU" tab below your outlet name to display all the items available in your outlet.

3. Search for the item you would like to have the stock count UOM edited either by browsing through the list or by searching for the items in the “Search SKU” tab.

4. Click on the “Action” dropdown located at the rightmost column on the item to edit the Inventory UOM. Then, click on “Edit settings”.

5. Click on the “Settings” tab and it will show both the “Inventory UOM” & “Par Level” settings. 

6. You can then edit the existing UOM with your preferred inventory UOM for stock counting. Click on "Save Changes" to complete the configuration.

Example Scenario:

Chef Jeff orders 20 cartons of bottled water every Friday except on public holidays from the water factory. A carton of bottled water consists of 20 bottled waters.

Chef Jeff counts his stocks for bottled water in cartons every Tuesday to keep track of his inventory. At times, his cartons may have less than 20 bottles of water which does not help in keeping an accurate measurement of his bottled water.

In Zeemart Buyer Hub, he can amend the UOM of his items for a more flexible way of keeping track of his stocks at the UOM that he desires.

The UOM setting for his bottled water in the inventory page of Zeemart Buyer Hub will look like the following:


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