Reviewing UOM Conversion Rates

Check changes in inventory caused by updated UOM information in catalogue

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Applicable to: Buyer Hub, iOS, Android.

Occasionally, supplier's catalogue data on Zeemart may be updated (either by supplier themselves or by the Zeemart team when there is new information from the supplier). When these changes occur and affect your inventory, we ask you to review the changes to make sure your inventory remains accurate.


What would trigger a request to review inventory UOMs?

A change that may affect your inventory is the update to an item's unit of measurement (UOM). For example, for items that can be ordered in more than 1 UOMs, there could be changes in the conversion rate between the UOMs of the same item.

Another occasion where we'd trigger a review request would be when a new UOM was added to the item in the catalogue, and it matches the UOM you currently use in inventory. We'd replace the conversion rate you defined with the one from the catalogue.

Note: The updated information is automatically applied to your inventory items when the items are updated in the catalogue. They are not saved only after you have reviewed them. Therefore, it is very important that you review these updates promptly as it will allow you to make any necessary changes and keep things accurate.

How to review

1. Go to Buyer Hub, select Inventory, and then select an outlet.

2. You will see the list of items in the inventory of this outlet. If there are review requests, there will be a yellow bar above the items with a Review button next to it.

3. Click Review and it will open a list of items to be reviewed. Check the data in the Conversion rate column, make any changes if necessary and then Save.

How will I be notified to review?

You will receive an email notification whenever there is a new review request.

In the mobile app, in Inventory you will also see a yellow banner at the top whenever a review is required. However, you can only view the review but not edit or save the information on the app.

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