Connecting to Abacus POS

Overview of Zeemart's integration with Abacus POS

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Applicable to: Buyer Hub

Zeemart currently supports Abacus POS integration via Buyer Hub. In order to set up the integration, please contact one of our team members first.

Once your connection has been set up, you can head over to the ‘Outlets’ tab on the Buyer Hub to begin mapping the products from the POS to the inventory items or recipes on Zeemart.

  1. On the outlet, click ‘Actions’ and select ‘Manage Integrations’.

  2. Under the Integration tab, click on 'Configure' to manage the settings of the integration.

  3. The Products from your POS are listed under the "Name" column. To map them to the data on Zeemart, select whether to map it to inventory items or recipes/sub-recipes and make sure to specify the "Quantity" it should be mapped to.

  4. You also can select the "Product Variants" tab to do the mapping for the Product Variants from the POS.

  5. Once completed, click 'Save'.


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