Rectifying rejected invoices

What to do if your uploads were rejected for digitisation

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Applicable to: iOS, Android, Buyer Hub

If your uploads were rejected by our digitisation team, it could be due to several reasons, including blurry images, duplicate uploads, unsupported invoice language, or due to cropped image.

The rejected uploads are stored for 30 days after the rejection date before they are automatically deleted permanently.

If an upload from your outlet were rejected:

  • You will receive a push notification on the mobile app.

  • If you are using the app, you can find the rejected uploads along with the rejection reason in Invoices > Rejected uploads (see the above image).

  • On the Buyer Hub, the rejected uploads are stored in Invoices > Uploads (select the Rejected filter at the top).

The list of rejected uploads shows all uploads that have been rejected, including uploads from these pages:

What you can do with a rejected upload:

  • You can delete the rejected uploads yourself.

  • (Mobile app only) Quickly upload a replacement image by using the Delete & reupload feature.

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