Uploading invoices for non-Zeemart orders
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Applicable to: iOS, Android

You can use the mobile app to upload invoices for orders not placed using Zeemart. You may upload image files (JPG, PNG) and PDF files up to 2MB.


1. In Invoices, tap Upload.

2. In the Upload invoice by order page, tap the ••• button at the top, and then select Upload for non-Zeemart orders.

3. In the Upload for non-Zeemart orders page, select Upload.

4. The camera will be active. Tap the Camera button (#4) at the bottom to capture an image of the invoice.

  • If you are using an iOS device (eg. iPhone), you will also see an Auto Crop option at the top (#1 - enabled by default). This will allow the camera to automatically detect the invoice and crop the image to remove anything other than the invoice from the captured image. You can tap Auto Crop to enable or disable the function.

  • Uploading a photo/document already saved in your device? Tap the document picker icon (#2) to browse invoices from your phone's photo library.

  • To toggle the camera Flash on/off, tap the Flash button (#3).

5. Review the invoices you've taken or selected from the library. Rotate the image if needed. To delete the image, tap Cancel. If everything is okay, tap Done.

6. You will return to the image capture screen and can continue taking more images (though we recommend not taking more than 10 images in one go). If you have no more images to include in this upload, tap the Upload button at the bottom.

7. You will now see a list of all the images you've captured. You can tap a thumbnail to view a larger version of the image.

8. (Optional) To merge multi-page invoices, select Merge multi-page. You will be able to select the files/documents to be merged as a single invoice. After the files are merged, you will return to the preview screen to review what you'll be uploading.

9. If you are okay with the photos you've taken, press the green Upload now button to start the upload.

10. The uploaded image(s) will appear on the Upload for non-Zeemart orders page, first under "In queue" heading, then once uploaded, in "Uploads". If for some reason the uploading fails, tap the Retry button next to the file to reattempt uploading.

11. Once your uploads have been processed by Zeemart, the image(s) on the page will disappear and you will the digitised invoice on the Invoices page.

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