Deleting uploaded invoices
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Applicable to: iOS, Android, Buyer Hub

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Buyer Hub:

Deleting uploads

1. In Invoices, tap Upload.

2. In the Upload invoice by order page, select any orders with existing undigitised uploads, such as these:

(Note: If you cannot find the order you are looking for, try changing the filter to show All orders)

3. Tap the order (tap on the supplier name) to reveal the order details card. The upload should be listed there (unless it has been digitised). Swipe left on the upload, and then tap Delete.

Deleting rejected uploads

The 'Rejected uploads' section shows all uploads that have been rejected, including uploads from these pages:

If you'd like to delete a rejected upload, there are several ways to do it:

  • In Invoices (or in Invoices > Rejected uploads page), swipe left on a rejected upload, then tap Delete.

  • Tap the upload, then select the ••• button at the top, and tap Delete.

  • You could also use the Delete & reupload button on the upload detail page if you are going to upload another image to replace the rejected upload.

Deleting invoices for non-Zeemart orders

To delete invoices uploaded from the "Upload for non-Zeemart orders" page:

1. In Invoices, tap Upload.

2. In the Upload invoice by order page, tap the ••• button at the top, and then select Upload for non-Zeemart orders.

3. You will see the list of uploads. Select Merge or delete.

4. Select the invoices you wish to delete.

5. When you have finished selecting invoices to delete, tap Delete.

Alternatively, you could also swipe left to delete an upload.

Deleting uploads (Buyer Hub)

To see the rejected uploads, go to Invoices > Uploads and then select the Rejected filter at the top.

To delete, select the checkbox next to the rejected upload, then click the Trash icon at the top.

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