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How do I approve multiple orders at once?
How do I approve multiple orders at once?

Bulk approve orders to the same supplier

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Applicable to: Buyer Hub
โ€‹Accessible by: Standard & Admin users

Firstly, ensure that your approval settings have been set up to define who the approvers are and which accounts need approval when placing orders.

If you are an approver, you can approve multiple orders to the same supplier (for the same delivery date) in a single screen.

Step by step

1. Log in to the Buyer Hub desktop panel.

2. In the Orders tab, select the Needs approval tab from the options at the top.

3. If there are multiple orders to the same supplier AND delivery date, they will be grouped as a single entry in the list. Click Review to review those orders.

4. You will now see a list of all the SKUs that appear in the orders you are approving. The columns represent individual orders. You can edit the order quantity at this step unless the quantity is labelled "N/A", which means that the SKU is not in the market list of that outlet and cannot be added to the order. You can also click Approve later button to exclude a particular order from this process.

5. If you would like to add an SKU that is not already in this list, scroll to the bottom and select Add SKU.

6. Once you are ready to approve the orders, click on the green Approve orders button on top right of the page.

Check out the Approving orders article for approving individual orders from the App and Buyer Hub.

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