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Have a new supplier? Use the Buyer Hub to search and link to suppliers yourself

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Applicable to: Buyer Hub

Who can use this feature

  • Outlets on Grow and Pro tiers

  • Users with Manage supplier permission

You can use the Buyer Hub to search for suppliers and start placing orders to them, as long as the supplier is a "passive" supplier.

This means that the supplier is simply receiving orders placed by their customers on Zeemart, without actively using Zeemart to manage their orders.

  1. In the Buyer Hub, click Outlets, then click Actions > View suppliers next to a location (outlet).

  2. You're now seeing the Suppliers tab. Click Add supplier.

  3. On the Add supplier page, type the supplier company name or the Company Registration Number and click Search.

  4. The results will be displayed and there may be more than 1 matching result. Check the details of the company before selecting Add to My Supplier.

    • Note: If the supplier is not a "passive" supplier, you will be asked to contact the Zeemart team to add this supplier.

  5. You'll be asked to confirm the details of the supplier you're about to add once again. If correct, click Continue to supplier settings.

  6. On the next step, you'll need to enter the following:

    • the email addresses that will receive your orders.

    • supplier's minimum order value (MOV) and delivery fee, if any.

    • days of the week when the supplier makes deliveries and order cut-off times for each of them.

  7. When you're done, click Save.

  8. You've now added this supplier, but you're not done yet! Now you'll have to add items to the market list before you can start placing orders. Click Add SKU to start adding items from the supplier's catalogue to the market list.

  9. You'll see the supplier's catalogue. Note that not all items may be listed here (If you cannot find some items, let our team know using the live chat and we'll sort you out.). Select the items by clicking the checkbox, and enter the price as well as the minimum order quantity for each item.

  10. Click Add to market list & save.

You can now start placing orders to this supplier!

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