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Overview of the Zeemart Supplier app
Overview of the Zeemart Supplier app

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The Zeemart Supplier app provides a convenient way for our supplier users to track sales and manage orders on-the-go.

Key features:


The Dashboard (the Orders tab) is where you land on upon logging in.

What you can do on this page:

(1) and (2) - View total orders you've received this month as well as the number of deliveries scheduled for today.

(3) Set a goal to track the amount of orders you've received compared to a target amount.

(4) Shortcuts to quickly reopen draft orders if you have created them before.

(5) See a list of recent orders received today and the day before.

View and respond to orders

The orders are listed by the order date in both the Dashboard and View all orders pages. At a glance, you can see the delivery date, order number, order status, and the acknowledgement status for each order.

Tapping on an order opens the details page.

Here there are several useful features:

(1) View the order's delivery date.

(2) Contact the customer who placed this order (email/phone) if needed.

(3) Download a PDF version of this order.

(4) Quickly create another order with the same line items and quantity.

(5) Respond to the order by acknowledging or voiding the order.

The top of the page may feature different statuses to reflect what's happening to the order, eg order has been acknowledge, or if an e-invoice has been created for the order.

Create orders

If some of your customers are not already placing orders on Zeemart, or if they are placing orders through methods such as phone calls or WhatsApp, you can also record their orders using the app so that all orders are saved on a single platform.

There are two ways to do this:

  • Create orders from scratch by following this guide, or

  • Repeat an order from an order details page (if the order is similar to a past order).

Easily track customers' performance

The Customers tab lets users see data per outlet. You can filter the list based on their most recent order dates, and easily see the ones that have not ordered recently.

If an outlet name is tapped, we'll see the outlet detail page, where you can see things like their order data (1) & (3), overdue invoices (2) (if you issue invoices to them using Zeemart), and the people in the outlet you can contact (4).

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