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Setting a sales goal on the Dashboard
Setting a sales goal on the Dashboard

Track your progress in meeting your sales target by week, month, or quarter

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Applicable to: iOS, Android

In the supplier app, you can see the amount of orders received within a set period compared to a target amount. Use it as a way to monitor you or your company's performance in meeting the sales target.

(Note: Currently, this setting has to be set per user account by the user themselves.)

To set a goal:

  1. On the Dashboard, tap the Set a goal button next to the Total Orders amount at the top of the screen.

  2. Select the period to track (weekly, monthly, or quarterly), and enter the target amount for the period. (Note: Weekly amount is reset every Monday)

  3. Tap Save.

  4. You will now see a progress chart on the Dashboard.

  5. To modify the settings, simply tap the chart again.

To remove a goal:

  1. Tap the chart to open the goal settings screen.

  2. Select Remove amount.

  3. Tap Save.

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