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Creating orders in the supplier app
Creating orders in the supplier app

How to create orders for your customers using the mobile app

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Depending on your account permission, you may be able to create orders on behalf on your customers. This is useful for customers who may not be actively using Zeemart to place orders.

1. Start by tapping New order in the Orders tab.

2. Select the customer you are ordering for.

3. You'll then be presented with a list of items that this outlet can order. Tap on an item to start adding it to the order. If needed, you may also add notes to this order by tapping the Notes button at the bottom.

4. When adding an item to the order, you may also add notes specific to the item.

5. Once you are done, you can tap Next to proceed with reviewing your order.

6. On the Review order page, you can change the delivery date (by default, the nearest available date is selected) or order notes, or add any special delivery instructions if needed. Once you are happy with everything, you can continue to Place order.

7. You'll be asked to confirm this action before it is placed.

8. And then you're done! You've successfully created an order.

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