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Applicable to: Buyer apps (iOS, Android)

The Inventory section in the mobile app lets you record stock counts and adjustments (eg. wastage).

To access this feature:

  1. Go to Inventory.

  2. You will see the inventory list(s) of a selected outlet. 

If you have not created any lists for the outlet, you need to create one using the Buyer Hub desktop panel by following the instructions in this article .


The main Inventory screen is divided into two tabs: Lists and Activity.

To start a stock count, tap the Count button. If you'd like to view the contents of a list, tap on the list name. Below the inventory list name are the estimated value of the stock in the list as of the most recent stock count, and when the most recent stock count was done.


The Activity tab shows all the stock counts, stock count amendments, as well as stock adjustments that have been recorded for the outlet. Tap on any of them to view its details. You can also filter the data on this page to view only data for specific inventory list(s) by tapping on the Filter button on top right of the screen.

Inventory lists

If you tap on a list on the Lists tab, you'll open an Inventory list page.

  1. When the list was most recently counted

  2. Total no. of SKUs in the list

  3. Est. value of the stock in this list

  4. Items below par

  5. Items out of stock

  6. Items that are still in stock (tap to record an adjustment)

Other things you can do...

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