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This feature is currently in BETA and available to all users for a limited time. Data in this report is only available for invoices issued or digitised after 7 September 2023.

Zeemart provides several ways for you to do invoice matching. The 3-Way Match report is a more advanced version of the 2-Way Match report in the following ways:

  • It provides a comparison to an additional document: the Goods Receiving Note (GRN).

  • It can compare each invoice to more than just a single PO. If there are multiple orders that were fulfilled together in a single delivery and invoiced just once, this report will show that.

  • It compares not just the PO and invoice amounts, but dives deeper into comparing the unit price and the quantities of the line items in all three documents.

Viewing the report

The feature is available to selected users as an add-on. Please contact the Zeemart team if you are unable to see this feature in Reports.

  1. To view the report, go to Reports and select 3-Way Match.

  2. The report provides a list of all the invoices being matched and whether any variances are found.

  3. The chart at the top shows the Top 20 invoices with the largest variances (by amount). The higher the invoice amount compared to the order amount, the larger the variance.

  4. Below are the list of the invoices that have gone through the matching process. To look at the variance, we can focus on the following columns in the list:


This is the invoice amount.


If there is more than one PO (in case of add-on orders), the amount being compared is the total of all of the orders linked to the invoice.

Var $

Shows the amount difference between invoice and the related order(s). Positive value means that invoice amount is higher.

Var %

Shows the percentage difference between invoice amount and the related order(s). Positive value means that invoice amount is higher.


Checks whether there is at least one GRN linked to the orders related to the invoice or not.

Qty match

Checks whether quantity of line items match across the documents (invoice, GRN, order). If there is more than one PO and GRN, the quantity being compared is the total from all the documents.

Price match

Checks whether unit price of line items match across the documents (invoice, order).

5. Click on the invoice numbers to go to the details of the Invoice matching.

For example:

This invoice was compared to an order, but we didn't find any GRN (hence the empty quantities in the GRN column).

The unit prices in PO and invoice were also compared, and they do not fully match.

Filtering the report

You can customise this report to fit your needs. For example, if you'd like to view only invoices with positive variance, select the Hide matched invoices checkbox at the top, and apply the Amount - Invoice is higher variance type filter.

'Invoice matching' tab on the Invoice details page

You can also view the details of the invoice matching by going to Invoices and selecting an invoice. On the details page, click the Invoice matching tab at the top.

Demo video

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