Setting up ordering rules

Decide on minimum order value, delivery fees or order cut off times

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Applicable to: Supplier Hub

You need to set up certain settings before your customers can place orders. These are:

To set these, go to Customers, select Actions next to the customer name and click Manage settings.

Order notification methods

The best way to be notified of new orders and to respond to them is by using the supplier app.

However, we also provide order notifications via email, WhatsApp or SMS.

Minimum order value, delivery fees

You can set a minimum order value (MOV) if needed and what should happen if the order is below minimum order.

Note: It is okay to deselect the Block orders below minimum order checkbox. In this case, we'll inform user about the minimum order but will allow the order to be placed.

Order cut off times

Decide on which days you do deliveries and set the cut off times for each delivery day.

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