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Inventory On Hand Report

Find out the value of the stock on hand in your Inventory at the end of day of a specific date

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Applicable to: Buyer Hub

This report is only visible to users with the Manage inventory permission

The Inventory On Hand report shows the value of the stock on hand in your Inventory. It uses the average price of the item, multiplied by the quantity on hand at the end of the selected period to derive the estimated value of the goods held by the outlet/location at the end date of the date range.

  1. In Reports, select Inventory on hand.

  2. When you load the page, a report will be automatically generated with the following settings, but feel free to change any of these and click Show report.

    1. Location: The first outlet (alphabetically) linked to user account.

    2. Inventory lists: All are selected.

    3. Period: The previous month.

  3. The report displays the Total cost on hand at the top of the table (you may need to scroll the table horizontally), followed by the list of items.

    1. Note that items that have never been included in stock counts will not appear in this report.

    2. Items not mapped to the POS will also not show data in the Sales column.

  4. To download the results as an Excel file, click Export.

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