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Receive notifications of price changes
Receive notifications of price changes

Be alerted whenever an item increases or decreases in price

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Applicable to: iOS, Android

You can choose to receive push notifications whenever an item increases or decreases in price. By default, this feature is disabled.

Please note that only price changes due to the following reasons will trigger push notifications:

  • new price recorded through invoice digitisation

  • new price updated by the supplier on the Supplier Hub

How to enable this feature

  1. In the mobile app, tap the bell icon at the top of the home screen.

  2. Tap the gear icon at the top of the Notifications screen.

  3. On the Manage notifications screen, enable the toggle next to Item prices have moved. You can also adjust the minimum percentage of price movement to trigger the notifications (default is set at 5%).

  4. Then go back to the home screen and select the Reports tab at the bottom.

  5. Tap the Search icon at the top, and search the item you'd like to track the price of.

  6. Tap the item, and then select Track price on the details page. This item has now been added to the Watchlist. You will be receiving push notifications whenever there's a price change for this item.

  7. To see the items already added to the Watchlist, go back to the main Reports screen and scroll to the bottom.

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