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Updating items in the market lists
Updating items in the market lists
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Applicable to: Buyer Hub

You are able to add or remove items in market lists using the Buyer Hub. The feature is available only in the market lists of some suppliers. Read on to find out how to identify which market lists this feature is available in.

Adding items to market list

1. In the Buyer Hub, select Outlets tab on the left menu, then click Actions > View suppliers to view a list of suppliers linked to the outlet.

2. On the right hand side of the supplier whose product you would like to rename, click Actions, then View market list.

3. In the market list page, if you see an Add SKU button at the top, it means that you can add or remove items in this list!

4. In the Add SKU page, select the checkbox next to an item, then enter the unit price and the minimum order quantity (MOQ) for the item. When you are done, click the green Add to market list & save button at the bottom.

5. After saving, click Cancel & back to market list button to return to the market list page.

Delete or remove items from market list

In the market list, select the checkbox next to an item to remove the item from the market list.

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