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Receive PEPPOL e-invoices in Buyer Hub

Receive PEPPOL-compliant e-invoices (InvoiceNow) issued on Zeemart

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Applicable to: Desktop Buyer Hub

If you have registered for a PEPPOL ID on Zeemart, you may receive PEPPOL-compliant e-invoices on Zeemart. These can be identified by the PEPPOL transmission ID on the invoice details page.

To ensure you can receive PEPPOL e-invoices, inform your supplier of your PEPPOL ID, which can be found in Settings > Linked companies > Actions > Manage integrations > PEPPOL (via


  • If you are a Zeemart user that have registered for a PEPPOL ID using another AP, you can only receive PEPPOL e-invoices issued by suppliers using Zeemart.

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