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Applicable to: Buyer Hub

For the Inventory feature on Supplier Hub, see this article

The Inventory section in the Buyer Hub lets you:

  • record stock counts and adjustments (eg. wastage)

  • see incoming stock based on orders

  • see items that are below par (based on stock counts)

  • know the value of your stock

  • generate a consumption report

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Overview (all outlets)

When you first arrive in the Inventory section, you'll get an overview of all the outlets your account is linked to.

You can see the value of stock per outlet and whether there are items below par and need to be restocked.

SKU tab

If you switch to the SKU tab of the Inventory page, you can see all the items in your inventory for across all the outlets.

Outlet tab

Clicking on an outlet from the Inventory overview page brings you to the outlet details page. At the top, you can see a summary of key information about the outlet's inventory, such as the estimated value of the inventory when the most recent stock count was performed.

Within the outlet details page, the SKU tab shows the most recent stock count levels, any adjustments recorded since then, and the incoming stock. There is also an Est. value column showing estimated value of stock based on the latest SKU prices (unlike the Est. value at count at the top of the page) in the market list.

From the list tab of the outlet details page, you can view the inventory lists created for the outlet.

The Activity tab shows all the stock counts and adjustments history recorded for the outlet so far.


From the outlet page, clicking on an inventory list brings you into the list details page. You will see all the SKUs in the list, add SKUs into the list, or add adjustment record.

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