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Fill orders to par (with POS Integration)
Fill orders to par (with POS Integration)

Fill your orders to par to replenish the minimum stock levels on-hand.

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Applicable to: iOS, Android & Buyer Hub

Available for: Buyers with inventory set-up and POS integration

For every inventory item, users can set a par level ('periodic automatic replenishment' level), which is the minimum on-hand quantity required for the SKU. When an item's on-hand quantity is below this minimum level, it needs to be ordered to replenish the stock.

There are 4 ways to fill orders to par on Zeemart:

i) Items below par (iOS/Android)

  1. On the app, tap ‘Orders’ and ensure you are on the desired outlet you are ordering for.

  2. Tap ‘Items below par’ to view items below the minimum on-hand quantity required.

  3. Here you can choose to tap ‘Fill all to par’ to auto-fill the quantities of the listed items. You can also adjust the quantities for each item individually.

  4. Once completed, tap ‘Review’ and 'Select all'.

  5. Tap ‘Place order’ when you are ready to send out the order(s).

ii) Fill to par when adjusting an item's quantity (iOS/Android)

  1. On the app, tap ‘Orders’ and ensure you are on the desired outlet you are ordering for.

  2. Select your desired supplier.

  3. Tap 'View stock on hand' to view the available quantities on-hand for each item. To select your item(s), tap 'Add to order' and the quantity field.

  4. A pop-up will appear to make quantity adjustments. Tap 'Fill to par' for the item quantity to be auto-filled.

  5. Once your item selections have been done, tap 'Review order' and 'Place order'.

iii) Fill to par after reviewing order (iOS/Android)

  1. On the app, start off by creating a new order as you typically would.

  2. Upon your item selection(s), tap ‘Review order’.

  3. Select ‘Edit order’ to view the order details.

  4. Tap ‘Fill all to par’, and with the pop-up, tap ‘Yes, fill all to par’ to confirm. This will auto-adjust the respective quantities of each item to match the par level(s).

  5. Once completed, tap ‘Place order’ for it to be sent out.

iv) Fill to par (Buyer Hub)

  1. On Buyer Hub, click 'New Order' and ensure you are on the desired outlet.

  2. In the market list, select 'Items below par' to display the item(s) that are below the required minimum on-hand quantity levels.

  3. From here, click 'Fill all to par' to be applied for all items or select the respective 'Fill to par' for each item you would like to order for.

  4. Once ready, click 'Review order' and 'Place order' to complete.

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