Setting tax rates

Set one or more tax rates that apply to items in the Catalogue

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Applicable to: Supplier Hub

You can set the tax (GST/VAT) rates that apply to the items in the Catalogue. In some countries, a single rate applies to all items, while in other countries different rates may apply to different items - Zeemart supports both types of setting.

The tax rate is also used when you issue e-invoices on Zeemart.

Setting a default tax rate

The default tax rate is mandatory. As this rate will be the default option for newly created items in the Catalogue, you should set it to the tax rate that is most commonly used in the country your company is registered in.

  1. Click your user name at the top and select Company settings.

  2. In the Details tab, scroll down to Pricing section and enter the default tax rate.

  3. Click Save settings.

Setting a different rate for specific items

You can specify a different rate for certain items, for example if there are zero-rated items or items with category-specific rates such as alcoholic beverages.

This needs to be done per item:

  1. Go to Catalogue.

  2. Click Add new SKU or select an existing item in the Catalogue.

  3. Look for the Tax/GST/VAT % option, and select Enter a different rate (%).

  4. Enter the tax rate that applies to this item, and save the page.

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