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How do I save my customer's PEPPOL ID? (for Suppliers)
How do I save my customer's PEPPOL ID? (for Suppliers)

Add your customers' PEPPOL ID so you can send PEPPOL e-invoices to them

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Applicable to: Desktop Supplier Hub

In order to send PEPPOL-compliant e-invoices to your customers using Zeemart, you should add their PEPPOL ID to Zeemart. Your customers do not have to be registered for PEPPOL on Zeemart.

Adding customer's PEPPOL ID

  1. In Supplier Hub, navigate to Customers > Companies.

  2. Select Actions > Edit details next to a company.

  3. Scroll down to Invoices section, then select Send e-invoices via PEPPOL, and enter their PEPPOL ID.

Your customers will receive PEPPOL e-invoices issued using Zeemart in their own PEPPOL-compliant solution.

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